Recordings—contemporary and archival—of rural music are available from labels in the U.S. as well as other countries. Festivals and fiddlers’ conventions often feature live concerts and performances by local musicians playing in an authentic style.


Record Labels


Arhoolie Records
Bear Family Records
Blues World
County Records
Old Homestead Records
Rounder (Includes Bullseye, Philo, others)
Smithsonian Folkways
Yazoo Records


Live Music


Branson, Missouri
Grand Ole Opry
National Council for the Traditional Arts
Texas Heritage Music Foundation


New to the music? Find out about our Honky Tonks, Hymns, & the Blues primer package of recommended CDs.

Also look for concerts and performances of this music live at festivals and fiddlers' conventions.

welcome your suggestions for labels, live music, and your nomination for the title of world's greatest bar band.


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